Soaring This Summer with AFJROTC

Brandon Clark, Writer

There is a shortage of qualified pilots, and companies like Boeing and Airbus predict that by 2035, we will need over 600,000 pilots. Investing in the proper training and guidance of young people will help meet this demand. In addition to passenger and commercial cargo pilots, the Navy and the Air Force have experienced this shortage as well. 

Special programs offered by entities such as Kansas State Polytechnic University can help young people become pilots.  They provide summer scholarships worth over $20,000 available to a select 150 cadets in the nation. Programs like these aim to teach people cooperation with multidisciplinary teams, aviation business practices, and to solve different problems that may arise in the aviation field, among other things.

Sean Huh, a Bob Jones junior, is one of these elite cadets benefitting from this scholarship. A worthy recipient, Sean participates in a variety of AFROTC activities like Honor Guard and the Marksmenship team. This pilot course will last almost eight weeks during the summer. Sean is thrilled for this upcoming opportunity and hopes that throughout the duration of the program he will be able to “make lots of connections and friendships and learn life lessons along the way.”

When training is complete and he is qualified, Sean said that “I will have fulfilled all requirements to obtain my private pilot’s license, and I will have the official title of a pilot. Opportunities like these do not present themselves very often, so you must seek them out as soon as you possibly can.”

Sean also encouraged everyone to recognize the value of getting involved with our high school’s AFJROTC. “There are so many opportunities in programs like AFJROTC. You just have to know where to look.”