BJHS Parking Lot Repainted

Recently a project has started, to repaint the parking spaces around the school.


Aidan Boler, Writer

Recently, Mr. Lanford, our construction academy teacher, decided to repaint the BJHS parking spaces with his second block class. The Swim and Dive Team agreed to help as a service project, and Alex Edwards is contributing as part of his Eagle Scout project. Even local businesses have stepped up. Home Depot donated some of the supplies for the project. Mr. Lanford expressed special thanks to Jacob Henrie, Nolan Cooper, and Max Stevens– Construction Academy students who showed up this past Saturday to help outside of their normal class time.

The parking lot had faded over the years, so repainting the parking spaces is a good thing. It helps make the boundaries of parking spaces more visible helping with parking, and it also improves the look of the parking lot to seem better maintained to fit and match the look of the school. This will be a nice improvement to the outside of the school.

Principal Mrs. Lambert has expressed her appreciation of this huge endeavor: “This project will take a while as we will do the work in sections around the building. Mr. Lanford is supervising and teaching throughout this project. I do appreciate this huge effort!” Mr. Runnion, assistant principal, agreed. “Thank you, Mr. Lanford, for this incredible undertaking. It’s much needed and much appreciated!”

Teachers are also happy with this service project. Mrs. Panagos said, “Since teachers park in the numbered parking spots, I find this project to be a big help. In the past, my number was so faded that I just had to remember to park next to Mrs. Worley. It could also be a pain because sometimes visitors didn’t know that those were assigned spots since the paint was so faded.” This can also help to stop bad parking because the spaces, nice and brightly lined, give less of an excuse to be over the line or in-between spaces. It might also help prevent non-handicapped people from parking in handicapped parking spots.

Usually when students are “painting a parking spot,” it’s usually seniors painting a decorative spot to commemorate their senior year.  The current efforts of our Mr. Lanford and others are in service of others and benefit both the school and community.