Poetry Out Loud Winners 2019

Emariah Grant, Writer

Bob Jones students competed in the categories of Original Poetry Recitation and Anthology Recitation last night. Mrs. Murray, the Poetry Out Loud coordinator, said, “Some students were more prepared than others for the event. Excellent poems for chosen for the event, but memorization was an issue. Memorization doesn’t seem to be a skill practiced enough for the students to be comfortable when performing even in front of a small crowd. It was a very relaxed atmosphere full of laughter and anticipation. Several students came with their friends instead of their parents. I was proud of the freshman participation.”

The following students will represent Bob Jones at Regional Competition at UAH in November:

Anthology Recitation Winner:  Abby Kulkarni

Anthology Recitation Runner-Up: Emily Lee

Original Poetry Recitation Winner: Sija Headrick

Mrs. Murray said, “The young ladies that placed last night, performed with precise articulation, took their time, savored the moment, and used purposeful hand gestures. It was obvious they had performed their poems numerous times and did not stammer at all. The recitation winner and runner-up, Abby Kulkarni and Emily Lee, both freshmen, appeared as seasoned performers. Original poet, Sija Headrick, performed with style and grace. I have a good feeling that these young ladies will make it through regionals in November easily. ”

Winners received $100 in their respective categories.