Education and Training Students Tour UNA

Brandon Smith, Writer

Mrs. Fleenor and Mrs. Wheeler chaperoned the education and training classes on a field trip to University of North Alabama. Ambassadors guided the students on a tour of the campus and of the college’s education department. Bob Jones students also met with the UNA admissions officer and financial aid. As the tour progressed, the students were introduced to the dean of the college and secondary education professors. Students were given the chance to ask questions about what UNA is like and about the education program in general. The tour ended at Kilby Elementary School, which is unique on a college campus and perfect for students majoring in education.

Mrs. Fleenor said, “Students had a very positive experience visiting the UNA campus… Students were impressed with the level of hands on instruction and the fact that Kilby elementary is the only laboratory school in the state of Alabama. Kilby elementary serves as the main practicum site for students, and they are allowed to visit and observe anytime. Students practice lessons frequently at Kilby to ensure confidence in the classroom prior to their student teaching internship. Overall, we were impressed with the campus and I have several students applying to attend UNA and their education dept.”