Latin Students Break Out

Hadley Rosengrant, Writer

Mr. Congo and the Latin students attended the first annual AJCL (Alabama Junior Classical League) Fall Forum. It was hosted at University of Alabama by the Classics Department and the Senior Classical League.
Bob Jones alumna Shandi Burrows is the founder and president of the Alabama chapter of SCL and spearheaded the Fall Forum. At the Forum, students attended lectures from university professors, played Certamen (Latin Quizbowl), participated in breakout boxes, impromptu art, and a service project.
Burrows explained, “The main reason students should appreciate Latin is that it gives you a completely different perspective. Once you begin studying a language like Latin, your brain starts to solve many day-to-day problems as if you are translating another language: you have to pick apart each aspect of the sentence or situation, understand the reasoning behind each part, and also find a way to communicate it to the masses. This language and my studies have truly changed how I approach things and the mindset that I have going into certain situations.”
Jocelyn Dieselberg won the MVP award in Certamen. Hunter Kay, Adam Mercier, Luke Pugh, & Joe Williams, and Ellie Cornet and Finn Walker successfully opened their breakout boxes.
Dieselberg joked, “I like Certamen because it’s a lot of fun to compete in a more low-key and relaxed environment. Obviously it’s more fun if you win, but even if you don’t, it’s fun to laugh at yourself.”
Ludum incipite Bob Jones!