Come to the Christmas Concert


Yunona Shkolnikov, Writer and Graphic Designer

Now that the festive fall activities are over, Christmas is around the corner and the Bob Jones band has prepared all the jolly good songs to play for this year’s Christmas concert such as Jingle Bell Rock, Sleigh Ride, and more! Spend a Friday evening getting into the holiday spirit by coming to the school’s auditorium on December 13th and listen to students play their instruments. Admission is free!

During the concert and its intermissions, the winter guard will be hosting a silent auction in the lobby where dozens of beautiful baskets will be displayed. Win and take home a gift to give to the family by bidding the highest price. Different baskets will have a theme for each such as one for a relaxing evening, which includes bath bombs, lotion, candles, etc. Another will be movie-themed and contains snacks, soda, and other sweets. There is also a basket for dogs which will have toys and pet treats.  Each basket will have a slip of paper next to them to sign your name with a phone number, and a column to list your price. All the biddings start at 20$! After the auction ends, a text will be sent to inform you that you have won the certain basket and will be waiting to be picked up in the lobby. If abandoned, the basket will go to the second-highest bidder.

There will be many different performances by the students on stage and in the lobby as well. The drumline will also be doing a bake sale, selling goodies such as cookies and pastries in the concessions area beside the silent auction. Support both these groups by purchasing a sweet or basket!
Remember, December 13th in the auditorium at 6 pm. The band will hope to see you there!