Flight Academy Scholarships


(Left to Right) Major Lacey, Nicholas Boykin, Jake Palenapa, and Ms.Lambert take a picture after receiving the scholarships.

Brandon Clark, Writer

Bob Jones AFJROTC received outstanding news recently.  Three of their cadets received scholarships to attend an aviation university of their choosing that will offer private pilot training during the summer months- Twins Jake Palenapa and Joe Palenapa, Nicholas Boykin and Andrew Girgis (an alternate). What a great honor to have 4 out  of the 200 Air Force Junior ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) cadets around the world to receive a scholarship from the Headquarters of Air Force Junior ROTC, Maxwell Air Force Base, in Montgomery, Alabama. Over 2,575 cadets applied for the chance to get one of the 200 scholarships. These scholarships cover transportation, room and board, academics, flight hours, and more of the requirements to earn a private pilot’s license. 

When asking the candidates how they felt about being chosen for the opportunity, Joe Palenapa said, “Once I heard about the flight academy, I knew I had to apply. I cannot thank God enough for this opportunity, and I know it will only add to my interest of flight.” Nicholas Boykin also stated, “I’m honored to be given this opportunity. I’ve always wanted to learn to fly and to be able to receive such training for free is like a dream come true.”

The Flight Academy Scholarship program is an Air-Force level initiative, created in collaboration with the commercial aviation industry, aimed to solve the increasing national civilian and military pilot shortage. Those who take part in the program do not incur a military commitment to the Air Force or other branches of service, nor does complete the program guarantee acceptance into one of the military’s commissioning programs.

The mission of Air Force Junior ROTC is to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community while instilling values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. When looking to fill tomorrow’s career needs with the best candidates, there is no better place for the nation to look than Air Force Junior ROTC! Way to go, Bob Jones Air Force JROTC!