Black History Month Celebration: In Honor of Clyde Foster

The winner for the Clyde Foster Legacy Scholarship is announced and Richard Paul is formally introduced.

Toni Glover, Writer, Photographer

On February 19, Dr. Bostick put together a patriot path called Black History Month Celebration to honor the life of Clyde Foster.

Guest speaker Richard Paul, author of the book, “We Could Not Fail: The First African Americans in the Space Program,” discussed the life and amazing accomplishments of Foster, a scientist and mathematician that made countless contributions space, science, and even Triana and Madison City Schools. Two of said accomplishments include becoming the head of Equal Employment Opportunity at Marshall Space Flight Center and creating training programs for NASA back when African Americans could not receive proper training due to integration. Foster strived to create an equal opportunity for everyone and paved the way for many African American scientists. Paul showed Foster’s hardships and success through a slideshow, all of which contained pictures, videos, and audio of Foster himself.

Jada Bennett, a senior, received the Clyde Foster Legacy Scholarship, and a signed copy of “We Could Not Fail” during the event. She said, “I am appreciative for the opportunity to receive the scholarship and honored to be viewed as a person who can continue Clyde Foster’s legacy by his own family.”