Bob Jones Cheerleading Takes 1st

Emma Lindsey, Writer

The Bob Jones Competition Cheer Team competed last Tuesday at the Von Braun Center. This competition was especially important because it was the state qualifiers. Taking 1st place in the traditional 7A routine and 4th in the 7A Game-day, the team did well. 

Super Regionals is a competition put on by AHSAA (Alabama High School Athletic Association) and the divisions are different from other competitions that the team goes to. At Super Regionals each team competes against schools that have the same size student body, not against teams that are the same size as the team itself. The traditional routine is a two-minute and thirty-second routine that shows off all of the team’s stunts, tumbling, pyramids, and cheer. The Game-day routine is a new type of routine where each team does two-band dances, one cheer, and a sideline cheer. It is supposed to show off each team’s skills for cheering for football games.

Preparing for a competition is very hard and grueling for the athletes. Katie Steele, a junior on the team said, “We normally practice every day and do full outs at those practices the week before a competition.” She also said that even though “we had to start almost 3 months late due to COVID-19, we worked very hard and are just as good as last season.”

This year has looked a little different for the team this year and has given them many challenges they have to face. “One of the biggest challenges we have faced was having to be prepared for the unknown. When just one person gets hurt or quarantined it can change the entire routine, so we’ve had to learn how to adapt quickly,” said Leah Lessmann, a junior on the team.

The event itself, however, looked very different from last year. The cheerleaders had to wear their masks the whole time except for when they competed and took pictures. They also had to stay outside the VBC unless they were warming up or competing.

The competition from the other schools was still top-notch. The team felt that James Clemens and Buckhorn were impressive.

Competing in two different divisions is very stressful for the athletes, but good routines make it fun. Katie said her favorite part of the traditional two minute-thirty second routine is their tumbling sequences. “It really shows how good our team is at tumbling.” Leah Lessmann would also shared her favorite part of the routine. “My favorite party of the routine is stunting. When the stunt hits you feel accomplished and know that all your hard work has paid off for that moment.” Katie’s favorite part of the game-day routine is the cheer. “We are very loud and strong in the cheer.”

The team has more competition in the near future, namely the state competition, which takes place on December 12 at Wallace State.