Corona Season



Adeline Barnes, Writer

The Corona Virus has definitely taken a toll on the Bob Jones Girls Varsity Team. The team has already had to quarantine twice this year, once in the summer and once again a week before their first game. The girls were scheduled to play East Limestone High School on November 10th for their season opener. Unfortunately on November 3rd one of the players tested positive for Covid, sending the whole Varsity team into a two-week quarantine. Over those two weeks, they did not get to play in the East Limestone game or the Sparkman High School game which was scheduled for November 13th.

“It was heartbreaking when I heard one of my players tested positive and I immediately knew we would all be quarantined because she had been at practice the day before. But I realized it’s better to get sick now than later in the season. We were ready to have a great last week of practice and were really looking forward to our first game,” Head Coach Jazmine Powers said.

The Bob Jones Girls Varsity Team was stuck at home while all the other high schools were starting their seasons. The team had zoom meetings every other day to check in with their health, go over plays, and keep in touch.

“I thought it would be really important for the girls to keep talking to each other and see each other while being stuck at home. I would send workouts for them to do and they would have to send in their mile time every day. We had some really great meetings,” Coach Powers said.

The Varsity team this year consists of only eight players, five juniors and three freshmen. The team is very young and inexperienced with only having one returning varsity player from the previous season. Last year they graduated six seniors leaving a bunch of roles to be filled.

“I am excited about this year. We are very young but I look at that as a somewhat good thing. I am proud of my juniors for stepping up and becoming leaders and my freshmen have brought some unbelievable energy to our team,” Coach Powers said.

The team was allowed back on campus on Tuesday, November 17th and had a scheduled game against Buckhorn High School on that same day. That game was officially their season opener. For not practicing for two weeks the girls showed tremendous grit and battled against a very good Buckhorn team for all four quarters. They fell a little short and lost 46-56, but it was a good game to start off their season! Hopefully, they stay healthy, are able to have a full season, and win games! Game on, Bob Jones!