Elite Knights: A New National Honor Society at BJ


Laiken Justice and Kaitlyn Thompson

Kitty Hawk Air Society(KHAS) is the National Air Force JROTC Academic Honor Society that recognizes the academic and community service achievements of AFJROTC cadets. Cadets in KHAS earn educational, leadership and development opportunities. KHAS encourages all cadets to excel. This will be the first year that KHAS will be at Bob Jones High School.  On Friday, the Elite Knights KHAS began its pledge period for its inaugural membership with a class of thirteen AFJROTC cadets.

The pledge period includes memorization of key components of KHAS, as well as providing an opportunity for cadets to complete activities that demonstrate the cadets’ character and dedication to the core values. Once a cadet is inducted into KHAS, they will wear the KHAS ribbon on their uniform, as well as a blue rope with their uniform. Membership in KHAS requires a 3.0 unweighted grade point average and a 3.5 weighted grade point average. Cadets must have also completed 2 semesters of AFJROTC and either currently be active in the program or on reserve status.

Bob Jones High School’s AFJROTC cadet corps has 13 cadets who are actively pledging to become a member of the Elite Knights KHAS. Out of these 13 cadets, the staff includes Shaniya Lanier, who will serve as the KHAS commander; Jackson Ford, vice commander of KHAS; Quincy Amacher, the administrative officer; and Caleb Johnson, the financial officer. The other nine members include Sydney Baumbach, Melody Spivey, Abigail Warren, Nick Kim, Brandon Clark, Hannah Hazelwood, Ethan Fury, Ethan Horne, and John Digges. These cadets will be known as the charter members of the Elite Knights and will become a part of Bob Jones High School AFJROTC history.