AVID: Planning Ahead


Cas Congdon, Contributor

This year, Bob Jones introduced a new elective course for students to take, AVID. AVID is a class that helps you plan ahead in life, teaching you basic planning, how to write stronger responses, and more. Most of the students that take this class want to attend college or apply for a job, but they may need extra help figuring out how to do so. This course will also place students in Advanced Placement or Honors classes and give you support to help students be successful along the way.

The AVID teacher, Mr. Moore, gave his thoughts on the class: “The more and more I learn about what AVID brings to the students, teachers, and the community, the more I look forward to the positive changes that are on the horizon.” Mrs. Herndon, the teaching assistant, shared her excitement on getting back in the classroom and how she feels about working with Mr. Moore. “It has been so great to get back into the classroom — I’ve missed teaching students so much, and it’s been fun to co-teach with Coach Moore. This class is definitely special in that we have never offered something like it before, and the students are so invested in it and seriously have such a great attitude every day.”

The students seem to be enjoying the class as well. Sami Brabrand, a freshman here at BJHS, thought this class would help her in the future. “AVID teaches you how to plan for the future and how important it is to make good life decisions.” So far, all of the responses to this course have been positive, and we hope it is available again in the future.