BJ Volleyball on the Road to State?


Aaylah Stoops, Contributor

The 2021 Varsity and Junior Varsity volleyball team, both teams showing an impressive number of wins this season. This past weekend, 9/11/21, both JV and Varsity volleyball took on one-day tournaments. Both teams dominated, winning gold. The Varsity team won 5 games, defeating East Lawrence, Madison County, Priceville, Sparkman, and Hartselle. JV went 6-0, defeating teams like Spain Park, James Clemens, Mountain Brook, and others. Both teams played exhausting sets, playing for hours on end. Despite the long hours, both teams pulled through. What does this show for their future?

Many of the Varsity team is returning from last year. Libero Paige Elliot, who is a Junior returning from last year’s team, said, “During the tournament we had this weekend we fought until the end having to play 3 games back to back to back. This proved that we have grown stronger as a team endurance wise and we were able to finish. I believe that we will make it to state and I am hoping we can make the final four.” 

Having a new strength and conditioning coach, the Varsity and the JV team are stronger and are able to stay strong through 3 to 5 sets and multiple games, unlike most other teams. Having made it to the final four in the 2019 season, will the 2021 Varsity team be able to make it to the final four again? 

Returning setter, Senior Adeline Barnes said, “I believe winning this weekend’s tournament is a foreshadow of what is going to happen in the future. I believe that the little wins and accomplishments will eventually pay off and take us far this year. I truly think we will make it to state this year and do well!”

The Varsity team’s season comes close to the end with four, perhaps six if they make it to state, weeks left in the season, 6 home games left, and 3 tournaments. JV only having 2 weeks left in theirs. Varsity climbs their way up the ranks as they get closer and closer to the Area Tournament. All of the players are working hard to make it to state and definitely show the potential.