Homecoming Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Our football team celebrating their win, photographed by Alexis Blue – BPO+ Digital media.

Aimee Choup, Contributor

“Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.” And fortunately, homecoming means a lot of the same! Bob Jones has just wrapped up a particularly magical homecoming week, filled with celebrations for both current and past students, as well as Disney-themed decoration and cheer! 

We were lucky enough to have an alumni panel come back home and settle in Patriot Hall this week, speaking to students about their education and career paths post-Bob Jones.

The tradition of classes decorating their doors for homecoming continued. Our halls were blessed with the presence of a camouflaging Randy Boggs, the chameleon from Monsters Inc, in the science hall and cardboard Han Solo in the downstairs commons. 

This year’s Disney-themed spirit week began with a heroic start on Marvel Monday. Both students and teachers alike donned costumes; notably, you may have seen Mrs. Tarter impeccably dressed as Rocket the Racoon, from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, faux tail and all! 

Tuesday’s theme was “A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Star Wars.” The aforementioned Han Solo cutout belonged to Mrs. Panagos’s impressive Star Wars-themed door/hall decorations, winning an honorable mention in the school-wide competition. 

The festivities took an intermission on Wednesday so all sophomores and some juniors could take the PSAT. But in the words of Princess Tiana, “The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work,” so the effort these testers put into their exams was, luckily, on theme. 

Once everyone was back at school on Thursday, the theme was “It’s a Small World.” Each grade got their own, distinctive theme. Freshmen had Inside out, sophomores had Toy Story/western, juniors had Lilo and Stitch/Hawaiian, and seniors had Hercules/Greek.

Thursday’s celebration didn’t just end with dismissal, as later that night was the homecoming parade. Bob Jones’ various clubs, sports, and homecoming court got to be proudly displayed. 

Friday, maybe the most packed day of the week, was aptly themed “Gotta Get Your Head in the Game!” In the morning, door decoration winners were announced: Mrs. Debbie Scott winning 3rd place, Mrs. Nichole Murray in 2nd, and Mrs. Belinda Martin in 1st! 

Later in the day, a wildly eventful and surprisingly rainy football game took place. Our Bob Jones Patriots won against the Grissom Tigers, a herculean 56-0. 

Halftime included a performance from the band, Hall of Fame inductions, and a royal crowning! Hall of Fame inductees were recognized for the contributions they’ve made to Bob Jones High School. Inductees included: Matt Balch (c/o 2001), Taylor Edge (service), Nathan Lindsay (c/o 2002), Bath Blalock Medley (c/o 1980), and Robby Parker (service). Homecoming Queen Aaliyah Washington & King Deangelo Davenport were crowned.

Sixty percent of polled students said that Saturday’s dance was the highlight of homecoming week. Regardless of the chilly weather, students arrived in full force and full glam, ending this year’s homecoming on a magically high note!