Jesse Tech and Eurydice: In With the New


Samantha Krueger, Contributor

Trumbauer 2021 is coming up, and with it, Advanced Production is bringing out their One-Act. This year, they will be performing Euridice, the famous play that inspired the musical Hadestown. But, aside from the yearly distinct cast and crew, something else brings a new twist to this performance: the addition of the drama program’s new director, Jesse Tilton. Mr. Tilton, or JT, as he is often referred to by the drama kids, is taking the place of Mr. Craft, the program’s old director.  

Mr. Tilton definitely has a lot on his plate, being the new tech director and advanced director. He’s been doing a lot of work staying after school and building the set of Euridice as the clock ticks down to Trumbauer. With large platforms, broken furniture, and engaging props that can create a multitude of effects, tech has definitely been taking the front of Mr. Tilton’s attention. It makes sense, as the technical aspects of a show are one of the deciding factors of whether or not a piece can go to state, although it means that the blocking and acting reigns are being given to Mrs. Davis, and the single student director, Samantha Biggnault. It’s a lot to handle, especially with the musical production taking up much of the background space of their time, but everyone is very competent and is working very hard to make sure that the show runs smoothly and makes it to state.

The show itself is the tragic story of the myth of Eurydice and Orpheus, where, after the love of his life dies, Orpheus travels to the depths of the underworld to get her back. He is allowed to guide her out of the underworld under the condition that he doesn’t look at her until they’re out, and takes the journey, risking losing her forever.

There’s a level of uncertainty in and out of the drama program with the changes, as people wonder if this new series of techies, actors, and directors can really measure up to the expectations that Bob Jones holds. However, with the diligence of everyone working, there’s no doubt that the theater department will be able to make something that everyone can be proud of.

DramaFest will be Thursday, November 4, and you can watch the new one-act and support the new era of Bob Jones drama.