Esports Tryouts Are Open!

Danica Vu, Contributor

TRYOUTS ARE OPEN! If you want to try out, you can contact Coach White. The League of Legends and Rocket League tryouts are online, though Super Smash and Mario Kart are in-person after school in S218. There is also a Madden 22 interest meeting.







You can join an award-winning Esports team!

Bob Jones Esports recently made it to the State Playoffs with Rocket League being placed in the bracket of the top 32 teams in the state, Madden within the top 8 in the state, and League of Legends in the top 16 in the state. In December, Rocket League and Madden traveled to Birmingham to compete in the state championship.


Rocket League: BJHS Fusion going 4 years strong with their 4th state championship, competing against Austin High School 4-0 best out of 7.

Madden: Jabari Salam won the very first Madden State Championship against Austin Thompson from Piedmont Highschool with 2-0 best out of 3.

Coach Aubree White has coached the Bob Jones Esports team since its inception. She shared, “I continue to be blown away at the time and work these players are putting in each season (and during off-season). I am so incredibly proud of their continued success, and I am so grateful for the recognition this team is receiving from across the state and even national levels for their success. The esports scene continues to grow, and colleges are beginning to scout for players to offer scholarships to. This is huge growth that is so deserved.”