Graduation 2022: Some Cool Reminders!


Diane Pham, Contributor

Ah yes… Graduation. The cumulation of your entire school career up to this point bunched together as you walk across that stage. I don’t think anyone wants to hear a long-winded memoir of the wonders of graduation (we’ll save that for the actual thing) so we will compromise with a list of reminders.


I’m sure everyone is overwhelmed with the emails we’ve been getting every other day with some new thing to add to the senior checklist. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far.

It might be confusing, but there are actually two “senior checklists.” The first would be the one in your email, a list of dates, deadlines, and events that we need to do something by. This checklist includes the following:

Required Graduation Survey– Should have already been filled out, speak to Dr. Bostick

Senior Fee– Also should have been paid, speak to Ms. Van Dam

Mandatory Civics Test– Complete by Tuesday, May 10th

Senior Celebration Night/Awards Thursday, May 12th, 5:30 pm at Crosspoint Church. The senior survey needs to be filled out to be recognized.

Final Exams– May 11th and 12th

Senior Stroll– May 12th or 13th, depending on the school

Graduation– Monday, May 16th at the Von Braun Center

  • Practice- 10:30am
  • Line-up at East Hall- 6:00 pm
  • Ceremony- 7:00pm

But before you can graduate, you need to make sure this OTHER checklist is done. When you pick up your cap and gown, there should be a paper on the inside with your name on it. On that paper is a list of things to do to clear yourself for graduation. This would include turning in your Chromebook, clearing your lunch account, returning your textbooks, etc.  It’s a decently lengthy list, so set aside enough time to get it done.

Family, Friends, and Graduation Attendees:

The doors to the Von Braun Center will open to the public 90 minutes before the ceremony, at 5:30 pm. Get there at a reasonable time to get good seats and parking! The VBC typically charges $10 for parking. Have your ticket with you and be ready to go through security. All VBC security procedures will be followed. Bags will be searched, and everyone will go through metal detectors. For specific details on security and prohibited items, follow the link here.

During the ceremony, Senior Sponsor Mrs. Van Dam states that “We respectfully ask that you honor each graduate as their name is called by keeping the formal ceremony dignified and that you limit your expressions of congratulations to applause; allowing all parents and family members to hear their graduates’ names being called and according respect to the entire class of 2022.  Additionally, please turn off any mobile devices.”

Graduation is an exciting time of year when we get to celebrate our graduating senior class. For the seniors graduating, congrats and good luck! For the band, choir, and graduation attendees that have to sit through a two-hour slightly cheesy ceremony…. also good luck!