HoCo 2022: Spirit Week

Nayeli Smith, Writer

As you may know, Homecoming Spirit Week is upon us!

From Salad Dressing Day to Decades Day, Bob Jones students are showing their Patriot Pride this week! But what day is the best spirit day?  After surveying 50 people from all grades, we’ve got all sorts of answers. 

A total of 68% of people agreed that Tuesday’s Anything But a Backpack Day is the best spirit week day out there! A freshman said that they would “…bring a shopping cart to school.” 

With 22%, not even coming close to Tuesday’s spirit day, is Decades day! On Thursday, you’re going to be walking down the hall and you’re going to get a flashback to the stories grandma told you about when she was little! 

Anyway, going down the list, Show your Patriot Pride day is next with 8%. Friday is when that’s happening! Make sure to wear your red, white, and blue to support our football team destroy the Grissom Tigers!

And last but definitely not least is Salad Dressing day with 2%. Students will dress up as the theme of the type of dressing. As French dressing, freshmen will be dressed as mimes, wearing berets, or carrying baguettes. Sophomores will rock Western wear for Ranch dressing. Juniors get to wear Hawaiian shirts and leis for Thousand Island dressing. Seniors get to wear their togas for Greek dressing. 

While surveying these people, I also asked them what Spirit Days do they think we should have. Well, it seems like most people had the same idea! 22% of people chose Stay at Home or No Work day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a day off? Moving forward, Gender Opposite Day with 18%! Put on a cap, sunglasses and hoodie and call it done! In 3rd place, we have, with 16%, Pajama Day! All cuddled up in a nice, fuzzy blanket with pj’s on sounds like a dream come true to me! All of these are great options that I hope to see added to spirit week next year! I got many others suggesting things like  Fortnite Day, Bring Your Pet Day, and Meme Day. 50 people and so many different responses. Hopefully, some of these will get chosen for next year! Get ready to dress your best for the upcoming spirit week and show everyone you’ve got style!