Welcoming New Students with S2S

S2S is a club here at school that helps students make connections with other students. With 1916 students this year, Bob Jones is experiencing an increase in student numbers. This year we’ve had about 120 new students enroll here.

During Patriot Path this week, S2S held an ice cream social for students who are new to Bob Jones. Ms. Mann, the S2S sponsor, shared, “Every year, S2S holds a social for new students here at Bob Jones during Patriot Path. Last year, we had a hot chocolate social! This year was an ice cream social! Ice cream, soda, root beer, chips and cookies were served.  After students got their ice cream, they were able to socialize with old friends and new people who they had just met that day. Once students finished their ice cream, the group played a variety of icebreakers including Princess Knight Rider, Would You Rather, Four Corners, and The Name Game. Winners of the game were given BJ merch provided by Mrs. Thaxton.” Mr. Delbridge, one of the counselors, added, “When coming to a new school, connecting is very important. Student 2 Student (S2S) serves as a way for students to find social connections more easily because there are existing students who are a part of that group/club who desire to help students connect and ease that transition.”

Club president Alecia Walker discussed the S2S mission and some of the S2S activities. “We want to ensure that each student feels welcome and like they belong here at Bob Jones. Some of the other activities we do are training for how to better connect with new students, service projects, and another social in the spring. A current plan for a future is a community Easter egg hunt during April since that is the month of the military child.”

Walker’s involvement with the club is inspired by her own experiences. “My dad was in the military, so we moved a lot while I was younger. At the end of elementary school, eS2S started at my elementary school and that is when I got involved with S2S. Since then, I have been a part of S2S. I remember the feeling of being new, and I just want to help make sure no one has to dread being new. ”

How can new students who move here feel at home and find friends?

Mr. Delbridge suggested the following: “Connection is more important than most people realize. The sooner a student can find connection whether it be through a peer group, a club, sport, a Patriot Path activity, or extracurricular activity, the easier the transition can be. New students have to be willing to reach out and open themselves to others as well. I can remember someone saying, “If you want friends, show yourself friendly.” I truly believe this. Sometimes, it starts with a simple HELLO and a SMILE. If you isolate yourself or close yourself off and choose not to reach out to others, you may always have difficulty finding connection. When it looks like  you want to be left alone, most people will probably leave you alone.”

For new students looking to get involved with others who share the same interests, be sure to check out the list of clubs on the Bob Jones webpage. Click HERE.