Air Force JROTC Represents at Military Appreciation Night

Air Force JROTC Represents at Military Appreciation Night

Abigail Sebghati, Contributor

Bob Jones High School’s Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AFJROTC) conducted a presentation of flags honoring each military branch Thursday night at Madison City Stadium during the BJHS half-time show. 

The AFJROTC cadets presented each branch of service flag; Cadets Logan Jackson (U.S. Army); Ava Zimmerman (U.S. Marine Corps); Mya Lacey (U.S. Navy); Gary Stephenson (U.S. Air Force); and Alyssa Murley (U.S. Coast Guard).  The American flag was carried by Cadet Catherine Curry, with Cadets Neil Digennaro and Laiken Justice as rifle guards.  During the presentation of each flag, the BJHS Band played each branch’s song.

When Cadet Mya Lacey was asked how it felt representing a branch of the military, she said, “I was nervous at first, but it felt really good to honor those who served our country and I think it was a great opportunity.” 

When Cadet Logan Jackson was asked how he felt on the field, he responded by saying “It was really fun. When everyone was cheering and standing up for their service, it felt really good because they served our country. So just doing that little recognition felt really good.”

When asked what military night means to you, Cadet Ava Zimmerman answered, “It means showing appreciation for the people who served and represented our country. It means even more than that to me because my grandfather was in the Army for forty-plus years of his life, he served in the Vietnam war, and now that he’s no longer here, it is a way for me to remember and honor him.” 

Military Night means something to everyone. Many think of it as a way to thank veterans, some to remember fallen soldiers, some to remember. So, what does military night mean to you?