Patriot Players Perform Junie B Jones

Grace Sanders, Contributor

The Patriot Players, under the guidance of theatre teachers Mary Davis and Jessie Tilton, performed for over 1,000 elementary school students from around Madison on Friday. They also had public shows over the weekend. Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook, a play based on the beloved children’s series by Barbara Park, was a big success.

The cast gave convincing performances, and the set was eye-catching. The bubbly cast and bright colors held one’s attention while the writing and background characters made the audience laugh. The elementary students loved the show as well, especially the interactive moments. They laughed at the appropriate times and answered “who’s there?” when Junie B. said knock-knock jokes. The clapping and cheering were palpable, and Junie had to ask them to quiet down a couple of times. They also loved raising their hands when the cast asked questions.

Patriot Players shared their love of theatre with a young audience, and the laughter and glee were contagious.