A Football Helmet Doesn’t Just Prepare You for Impact; It Makes One

These are all the helmets that are in the contest.

These are all the helmets that are in the contest.

Frank Morales, Writer

A football team’s uniforms are more than just their “look.” It represents tradition, team spirit, and just looks awesome.

A big part of the look of the uniform is the helmet. The helmet doesn’t just protect the player, but also completes a uniform.

A helmets design can differ from an animal, initials, or even a lightning bolt. At Bob Jones, the helmets are white with a red and blue stripe with the BJ logo. Helmets are important for high school teams, college teams, and even the pros.

Oregon University has the most unique helmets in college football. They have multiple variations of their helmet with the O logo in shades of green, yellow, black, and metallic.

On the other hand, the Boise State Broncos have released their new uniforms. Floating away from the old blue helmets with their logo, they now have a sleeker black helmets with a whited out logo. Things like this make a team noticed and popular with the public.

Whether the helmet shows tradition, school spirit, or just look cool, they are a big piece of the character of the uniform.