We Still Run This Town

BJHS and JCHS Getting Ready For The Play

Nkechi Nnorom and Donald Rizzardi

We beat them once, and this year, we decided to beat them again. The developing rivalry between Bob Jones and James Clemens took the city of Madison by storm on Friday night. Over 8,000 people watched from the stands as the Patriots of Bob Jones defeated the Jets of James Clemens 51-17, making it two consecutive years that Bob Jones has won against James Clemens.

Flashback to Week 2 of the 2012 season. The Patriots defeated the Jets in a whopping victory, 72-o. Last year was different though. James Clemens had just opened its doors and its football team was young. But this time, with a year of experience under its belt, the Jets hoped to prove to their city rivals that they belonged. With tensions brewing on Twitter, the tweets between students of the two schools only made the game that more exciting to watch. Or did they?

It was no secret that the Jets’ players were on the young side last year, and as everyone knows, you can’t change over night, or at least in this case, in a year. Nevertheless, the youthfulness of the Jets was not about to deter the Patriots from the task at hand: winning. “We prepare for each game expecting nothing less than a win,” said senior running back Jay Rogers.

The Patriots did end up winning, but this time by a closer margin of 34 points rather than 72. Bob Jones notched another victory. Most importantly, they have moved one step closer to their “big goal of winning a ring [Alabama 6A State Championship],” said senior defensive back Kyron Landry.

Bob Jones Patriots, 2.  James Clemens Jets, 0. Another year in the history books for the Madison city rivalry. The question is “Is it really a rivalry?”