“It’s About the Process, Not the Results.”


Eric schultz

The wrestlers of the building are deeply invested in the team they joined; however, typically members leave because of the sheer amount of effort it takes to get through practices and workouts. Like Pops says, “You got to Piston!” and work hard on every drill. Wrestling takes dedication to finish a season. To achieve success you’ve got to be able to put in the effort.

Coach Edwards frequently updates the way the team practices. One of the main philosophies pushed this year is the new method of ‘practicing fast’. It is putting a 3-hour practice into 2-hours. Practice times have been slashed by this philosophy, but the level of intensity needed to get through practice has been raised dramatically.

Coach Edwards always says, “It’s all about the Process, not the results.”  Newcomers to wrestling should not be worried about how many medals they’ve won; instead, they need to focus on how they got those medals. The same logic goes towards losing. How can you correct mistakes next time?

So far in the season, Varsity won 4th in a Huntsville tournament. Our JV and Freshmen team are the best they’ve ever been, with innumerable medal placers in the few tournaments they’ve been in so far. This year’s season is on track to be the best season yet.