BJ Football: On the Road to Glory


Football players in the gym talking about the upcoming James Clemens game.

Kinley Bragg, Writer, Photographer

Coach Rose is leading this year’s football team on the road to success and one that makes the dream of a championship season seem a little more like a reality.

The slim win against Decatur taught our team to not underestimate the other team or themselves. Coach Rose said, “ I’m surprised to see that we finally won against Decatur, especially after a ten-year losing streak against them.”

After the well-deserved win against Decatur, the team became even more enthusiastic, and their victory made them work harder and play smarter in the next game against the infamous James Clemens.

The Bob Jones and James Clemens rivalry was quite the spectacle, and Mr. Parker tweeted that over 10,000 fans were in attendance.  After stellar performances from athletes like Miles Strickland, the BJ student section rushed the field to celebrate another win over the Jets.

Mile Strickland, a stand-out for the team, racked up a lot of numbers during the Sparkman game and was named the Remax Player of the Week.

In the most recent game against Gadsden, Bob Jones made a definitive statement to the rest of the state. Brady Polsen, Milki Stewart, Brad Anderson, Jonathan Moss, and of course, Miles Strickland worked together to pulling out the 37-34 win.  With this game, the Patriots became the only undefeated team left in the region.

This week’s game is away game at Florence.  Coach Rose reminded everyone on Twitter that Florence won last year’s game 36-29.   If you can’t catch the game in person, you can always follow Coach Chambers on Twitter (@COachKent89) or listen to it on the radio.

With a season like this, it seems like this is THE season to make the drive to Florence to support the team.