Kickin’ Off The Season


Varsity girls working hard!

Georgia White and Emily Franklin

Bob Jones soccer is back at it again for another season! Both the girls and the boy’s soccer teams attended a jamboree in Decatur recently and represented Bob Jones very well. Both varsity and junior varsity girl’s teams won all their games. They have continued to have success as teams have started their regular season

Luke Oakley, the girl’s soccer head coach, is determined to win state in his second year of coaching the team. Both teams finished with a decent record last season. The boys went 13-10-6, ranking them 27 in the state and the girls with a 15-4-2 record, ranked at 9 in the state.

Both teams have been working very hard to prepare for their upcoming games. The boys’ teams practices four times a week and the girls’ teams practice every weekday. Mrs. Maguire, a science teacher at Bob Jones said, “I am so excited about the new talent we have seen in the freshman class. I’m impressed with the cohesiveness that the teams have been playing with so far! “ She added, “I think this season will be great. Other teams need to be on the lookout for BJHS soccer!” Brooke Halcomb, a freshman on the girls’ soccer team says that she is looking forward to games because of the competition and scoring.

Along with the hometown rivalries and high intensity of the games, soccer can do a lot more than just getting you in shape. Bob Jones is currently ranked as the #1 high school for athletics and developing college and major league athletes. Hundreds of scholarships and division one athletes are produced from inside the walls of Bob Jones. Our very own soccer team has sent players to the US National Teams, D1 colleges, and even major league teams.

The boys and girls soccer teams know their practice will pay off and help them do well in their season and going into the playoffs. Luke Oakley says “My vision is clear, I want to be a champion. A champion forces themselves to give more. Champions always find a way, period. We WILL surprise the state this season!”