Bob Jones Tennis Team

Bob Jones tennis team

Our team playing 2 VS 2

Sam Uchitel and Harrison Jackson

Tennis season is underway.  The girls’ tennis coach, Coach Crumbley said, “It’s a lot of fun. It gives them an opportunity to learn how to play tennis better and builds confidence because at the end of the day it’s just you and one competitor. It’s normally cold through the season. This year the girl’s team is larger than the boy’s tennis team. In a match, you only play the top six.”

The girls average seven points per game.There will be many more wins to come. With great coaching staff and great practice from our players, they will represent our school on and off the court. In our survey, many people knew someone on the tennis team, but have never been to any of the games. We even had some people that did not know that we had a tennis team. These people usually do not have much school spirit or know anything about their school. One of the girls, Abby Davenport said, “I like that it is kind of an individual sport, but you are part of a team.”

The boys’ tennis coach Coach Bryant said, “We start practicing in January and usually start our season in February, our goal is to win and let my guys get better through the season. Some players graduated the last couple of seasons. We lost four of the top six in the past couple years. We are right where we are supposed to be.”

Corey said, “It’s a lot of fun. We play matches against other teams from different schools. There are several really good teams, but there are other teams that are good matches, there are other teams that are blowouts. Half of it’s mental because you can get into their heads and win the game.”

We hope you will come see some of their games this season.