Running Through Winter


Rachel Goldsmith, Writer

Students are running. What are they running from? Why are they running? I asked the Bob Jones indoor track runners why they run and believe it or not, they are running for fun. The meets are long and tiring. The runners meet at the crack of dawn, sit on a bus for an hour and a half to go to the Birmingham CrossPlex, and do not get home until the sun is long past set. Why would anyone go through that willingly? Student Megan Hall explained that she runs because “at the meet, there are a lot of opportunities for team bonding in between everyone’s events.”

Ryan Goldsmith has played lacrosse, soccer and basketball at different time periods throughout his life. He played lacrosse from when he was in first grade until this year when he decided to run cross country and track. He shared, “The community and the coaches are what grabbed my attention and made track a different experience for me.” He said that the team has a unique atmosphere and feels like his family.

While Coach Goldsmith only had to coach cross country, she decided to coach the indoor and outdoor long-distance team as well. Coach Goldsmith explained, “I will be coaching my distance kids, so the 800, 1600, and 3200. Those are the kids that I will be getting from cross country. Either I move onto track and coach my kids, keep them in shape over the winter and spring, and help them or someone else is going to do it. They know who I am, they are familiar with my style, and there is no point in them getting to know another coach if they are just going to come back to me in the fall. I love my kids, and being able to stay with them for the rest of the year is nice.”

The day may be grueling, but the coaches and runners believe it is all worth it for the memories they make and the community they share. Indoor track is a great team to join if you are looking for a family.