Athlete of the Week: George Francovitch


Jillian Matthews and Yunona Shkolnikov

Meet George Francovitch, a senior on the Bob Jones boys wrestling team. Last weekend, he competed at the AHSAA Super Sectionals and was one of the eleven Bob Jones wrestlers to advance to State after placing first. His twin brother, Cal Francovitch, also wrestles, and placed second at sectionals.

Balancing school, sports, and a social life can be a hard task, but Francovitch has adopted a strong routine to help him stay up to date with his schoolwork. “The trick is to not procrastinate,” he said. This simple sentence of advice is what Francovitch lives by, and allows him to continue wrestling along with keeping up his grades. As far as social events go, Francovitch said, “[I] focus on training and school, but when the opportunity for social life comes, I take it.” In his free time, Francovitch often finds himself running or doing extra workouts. He enjoys being out in nature and going to the greenway.

The stress of competitions can lead many to become nervous, but having a strong support system can help ease this anxiety. Francovitch explained how much his teammates, coaches, and family pushed him to win this competition, saying, “I know my coaches believe in me, and my teammates have been with me through every step.” Being surrounded by encouraging people helps keep him in a positive mindset, and allows him to focus on “one match at a time”.

Leading up to the event, Francovitch had known he was going to be faced with difficult matches, and explained how he “just tried to push through them”. His main goal was just to put up a good fight and focus on keeping the negatives out of his mind. Although some matches might have seemed impossible, Francovitch’s determination and his supporters allowed for him to finish in first, and hopefully, this will let him continue for many years to come!