Athlete of the Week: Caden Rose

Meet Caden Rose, a junior on the varsity baseball team. He plays as a pitcher, catcher, and middle infielder. Rose started baseball at the age of 4 but didn’t realize his passion for the sport until he was 7. Through years of hard work and determination, Rose was able to find himself on the Bob Jones Varsity team as a freshman. In the future, Rose is planning on playing baseball for Alabama after he committed in June 2018.

Bob Jones, the number one team in 7A, started the season competing in Oxford against Springville. Rose led the first inning and then stole 2nd base. An article on the Bob Jones Athletics website states, “Rose led off the game with a stand-up triple and then scored immediately.” At his third game of the season against the Corner Yellow Jackets, Rose got a solo home run in the fifth inning.

Continuing his success, Rose hit a solo homer at the Hazel Green game to “put the Patriots on top for good.” The article describes, “Rose picked up the win on the mound with four and two-thirds innings pitched, allowing zero runs on one hit and striking out four.” The team won once again with a score of 3 to 2.

Now, Rose says his biggest goal in baseball is to win the next two state championships in his next to years and then to win a national championship once he starts playing at Alabama. As far as his motivation, Rose said, “to be the best teammate I can be.” Another way Rose is able to achieve all that he does is by not confining himself to only baseball, and understanding that things don’t always need to be perfect. He explains, “I want people to not only think of me as a great baseball player but as an even better friend or person.”

As an athlete, he will continue building his reputation and career. His need for not only success but to have a positive impact on his peers will help lead Rose to many wins in the future.