Athlete of the Week: Peyton Ward


Meet Peyton Ward, a senior on the varsity softball team. She and her team just came back from the White Plains Tournament, where they won 1- 0. Starting off the season right, the softball team has won over nine schools at their last couple of games.

Ward got into softball when she was young because of her brothers. Since they both played baseball, she would play catch with them, ultimately leading her to start her career. For her, softball has become more than just a sport, but a way of bettering herself along with a way to meet new people. “Softball has impacted my life by pushing me out of my comfort zone” she explained. “And what really pushed me forward is a desire to be better and not let the people around you down.”

Balancing all aspects of one’s life can be quite a difficult task, but Ward found a way to do it with ease. Her main method is to prioritize. “Every day is different, but I just have to keep in mind what I have time for and what I don’t.” This way of going at life can definitely have a positive impact.

As far as current goals go, Ward expects to win state this year with her team. Although softball takes up lots of her time and doesn’t give her much time for her social life, she still loves the sport and its challenges. Her team, however, are her biggest supporters and her favorite part of her sport. “I have made so many friends here that there is never a dull moment.” From years of experience, Ward has found the secret to her personal success by continuing to challenge herself, along with surrounding herself with positivity.