The Importance of Celebrity Teachers


Chenoa Gentle, Writer

On March 12th Bob Jones Varsity Baseball played at Russellville High School. Bob Jones won the game victorious 12-2. While at the game, celebrity teacher night was hosted as well. Some celebrity teachers that were chosen this year were Ms. Belinda Martian, Mr. Michael Salgado, Ms. Mallory Poarch, Coach Dan Styles, Ms. Jennifer Dennis, Ms. Kyna Schutzbach, and Coach Hunter Smothers.

Coach Styles says, “I have been honored to be chosen as a celebrity teacher for softball and wrestling, as well.  Our “celebrity teacher” program here at Bob Jones serves as a reminder that the responsibility of teachers extends far beyond class curriculum and test scores.” He added, “I think most teachers would like to think that they truly make a difference and impact the lives of their students.  Being chosen as a celebrity teacher reaffirms the goal of building lasting, meaningful relationships with students and provides continued motivation to touch the lives of those we have the opportunity to lead and teach.”

Senior, Colton Carver, chose Coach Styles saying, “I chose Coach Styles because he is a role model and always pushes me to do my best whether it was on the football field or in the classroom.”

Coach Smith includes, “It is good to see the teachers who make a significant impact on our players. Another reason we like to honor teachers is that it shows our student-athletes how important that education is. We often get caught up in the baseball side of things so it is good to keep our kids focused on what is really important.”

Celebrity teachers are important to not only the teachers themselves but the students as well. It connects students with teachers inside and outside the playing field. Students can get lost in the world of school and forget about creating a personal connection with their teachers. The celebrity teacher program at Bob Jones helps connect students and teachers on a personal level.