Football Season: Last Year vs. This Year


Yunona Shkolnikov, Writer

As the new school year is starting, football season begins as well. Spring training began in May, and summer workouts began June 4. Team members participated in 7-0n-7 tournaments in Auburn, Samford, and Hoover throughout the summer.

The season will begin as Bob Jones plays against the Christian Brothers on August 23rd. Last year, our team won against Christian Brothers but only by a point.

Unfortunately, Bob Jones lost their 6-year streak against rival James Clemens, but hopefully, that will change this year.

Easy wins were won against Gadsden and Hillcrest. As stated from the Bob Jones athletics website, “Bob Jones snuck past Gadsden City with a 12-7 win. Bob Jones has a history of success against Gadsden City, winning their last head-to-head 34-3.”

The team continued the season with a loss against Grissom and Austin, but two winning games against Sparkman and Huntsville. With the long practices, hopefully, this year the football team will be able to make it through playoffs with positive attitudes and strong teamwork.

One this is certain… the football team needs fans in the stands. Be sure to support Coach Rose and our Patriots by adding these games to your calendar!

This Season’s Schedule:

August 23rd – Christian Brothers (Away)

August 30th – Muscle Shoals (Home)

September 6th – James Clemens (Home)

September  13th- Florence (Home)

September  20th – Gadsden (Away)

September  27th- Hillcrest (Away)

October  4th – Grissom (Home)

October 11th – Sparkman  (Home)

October 18th – Austin (Away)

October 25th – Huntsville (Away)

Playoffs are to be determined.