College Football: My Early Season Predictions


Isabella Loggins, Writer

Last year’s football season left many Alabama fans, and others, in shock. Alabama had an amazing season going 14-0 until the National Championship where Clemson took the victory by 28. Though this year, I believe there will be a different outcome.

Coming into this new season there are five teams that are looking like good contestants for the final four and the National Championship game: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Clemson still has Trevor Lawrence (quarterback) and their really good running back Travis Etienne has only gotten stronger over the summer. Alabama has one of the best recruiting classes in the country since Nick Saban (head coach) has been apart of the team. Oklahoma got Alabama’s previous quarterback, Jalen Hurts. People think because Hurts left Alabama wouldn’t be as good as they have been, but Alabama still has Tua Tagovailoa. Overall, he is a stronger player than Hurts in my opinion. Coach Saban said they have the strongest group of players he has ever had, even after losing four players to the NFL. Of course, recent injuries do pose problems, but Saban seems to always have a Plan B. Georgia and Ohio State have good teams as well.

My prediction is Alabama and Clemson will go to the Championship and that Bama will pull out the win.