Cheers for Basketball Cheer!

Information on this year’s basketball cheer team.


Gianna Dieselberg and Katie Flynn

Recent and Upcoming

The basketball season started early November and their first game was an away game. The Basketball Cheer team is currently cheering for all home games and a few away games as well. 

Words from Some of Our Cheerleaders:

We pulled aside a basketball cheerleader Zion Jessie. Zion has been cheering since the 7th grade and she is now a freshman. I asked her about the experience she had from the games she has been to. Zion stated,“My experience throughout the cheer games has been very informative because I get to learn about basketball every time. It’s also a great confidence booster.”

After she had finished, I asked her how hard practice is. She responded,“Practice is not very hard unless you make it hard, and as long as you follow instructions, you won’t have a hard time.”

We asked one more question from another basketball cheerleader, Mycayla Davis, who is a freshman that’s been doing cheer for around four years.“How did tryouts work? And how did you feel about them?” She responded, “I was scared because this is a new school. You know, nobody knows me. But fortunately, they went really well!”


From a survey that we conducted, The average rating for our Cheerleaders received from people who had gone to a Basketball basketball game was a 4.1. One question asked what the Cheerleader could improve on. One student from the survey said, “They could definitely move into a spot where they actually get noticed. Other than that, I think they do pretty good. I know nothing about cheerleading, so I can’t critique that.”A student said it would be better if they were louder. Overall, the Bob Jones Basketball Cheer team got mostly positive feedback.


The basketball cheer team definitely has room for improvement, but they are working harder to ensure a good experience for the audience and players. If you have not yet gone to a Basketball game this year, you really should! Make sure to support the Cheerleaders as well, so that they feel appreciated for what they do to raise school spirit!