Havoc’s 2021 Record-Breaking Team


Aaylah Stoops, Contributor

Many, if not most, people who live here in Madison or Huntsville, have gone to a Huntsville Havoc hockey game. There are a few fun things to do around Huntsville, and when it’s in season, this is definitely one.

In previous years, the Huntsville Havoc have been a decent team, but the 2020-2021 season looked rough. With 19 wins and 22 losses, the Havoc team lost against the Pensacola Ice Flyers in the semifinals. But this season, the team comes back with a sudden fire. They currently lead the SPHL with 14 wins, one loss, and one loss in overtime, beating teams they had lost to in previous seasons. This is something the SPHL, Southern Professional Hockey League, hasn’t seen. The Havoc team now holds the SPHL record for Best Start in League History when they hit 12-0, losing to Peoria ended their historic win streak at 12-0. 

What could be the reason behind this sudden, record-breaking team? Due to COVID, the previous season’s games were at half capacity but now the arena is at full capacity and the energy is back. The coach, Glenn Detulleo, has been with the team since the 2011-2012 season. Detulleo has mentioned in many interviews how excited he is that all the fans are back and able to watch, he has said that he hopes the energy would pick up again. Detulleo told WAFF 48, “Everybody’s just excited to get back to what we feel like a home game is in Huntsville.” I would say his expectations were not let down. Every game is filled with energetic fans who scream and cheer throughout the whole game, making lots of noise. This could be the change that was needed for the Havoc players.

Still having till April, Huntsville Havoc still has 4 months left in their regular season. After the 56-game schedule is complete, the President’s Cup Playoffs will begin. Will the Huntsville Havoc be able to keep up this streak and stay on top? Will they be able to take home their 4th Championship win?