Wrestling at #5


Will Zerangue, Contributo

Wrestling, one of the oldest sports around, hasn’t changed much, but the practice and popularity of the sport have changed drastically. The sport is now in most high schools. Throughout the ages, multiple wrestling styles have been adopted. Greco roman is more throwing and upper body. The wrestling that most high schools practice is called folkstyle. There is also freestyle with all styles of wrestling included, hence the name freestyle.

The sport teaches important lessons like respect, discipline, and determination. Though Bob Jones wrestling might have fallen to Hewitt in the State Dual Quarterfinals, they’ll be “back to work tmr!” 

Recently, Alabama Wrestling Coaches ranked Bob Jones at #5 in the state. Coach Sweatman is the head coach.

Several athletes recently placed in the Dick Clem Invitational:

1st: 285lbs Tafari Alcime

2nd: 113lbs Troy Hennigan

2nd: 182lbs Evan Pippin

2nd: 152lbs Manny Marrero

3rd: 160lbs Elijah Jones

4th: 195lbs Tank Mays

Currently, Evan Pippin is tied for the 5th all-time BJHS win record!

Our BJ wrestlers continue to battle their way through the season, so be sure to follow @BJP_Wrestling for regular updates.