BAM! Recreational League Basketball

Baraka Busambwa, Contributor

Basketball is a fun team sport; it is all about two things: the ball and the hoop.

Of course, the school team is the main attraction when it comes to high school basketball, but there is an alternative option, and it’s a stress-free, fun basketball league for all those who want to have fun with their friends. BAM basketball is that option. BAM stands for Basketball Association of Madison.

Kids ages 6-18 years old can sign up to play using the Dublin Park website. After a mini-combine, kids are drafted to a team with friends and acquaintances from schools all over Madison City. You can meet new people, make new friends, and play basketball with your teammates to compete for the BAM Basketball gold medal.

Some may criticize or look down on people who play rec league in high school. It’s a common misconception that this is a league for kids, and it is something that middle schoolers and high schoolers should grow out of. However, many would argue that BAM basketball can be a positive thing for those age groups.

An example of this is senior Roland Matthews who plays for the BAM Clippers, who generously participated in the interview about the league. Roland Matthews said, “I started Playing BAM basketball to have fun playing basketball again. I love playing because I get to have fun with friends without taking it too serious.”

BAM basketball is also an excellent way to exercise and stay in shape while having fun, especially during the winter months where it may be too cold to go outside and exercise in conventional methods. BAM is one of the only organized recreational basketball leagues in Madison, so everyone from schools across Madison City will be there, opening up opportunities for new friendships across the school system.

Last but not least, the other positive about BAM is that everyone gets to play. There is no stress in trying to get playing time or trying to compete for spots. All you have to do is sign up and play ball. All in all, BAM basketball is a positive for youth no matter the age. Many students at Discovery, James Clemens, Liberty, and even Bob Jones play BAM basketball. Need proof? Here’s some right here.