Bowling Out With A Bang


Image from @slambert_sylvia on Twitter

Julia Schwartz, Contributor

Bob Jones Bowling season has come to an end, and a pretty great one, too! The last two games that the team played, on the 11th and 12th, were wins for both the girls and the boys. The season lasted from October to January. Throughout the season were many wins for both teams. The final count for the boys was 8 wins, 8 losses, and the girls ended with 5 wins and 7 losses.

Being on the bowling team is a great experience. The people amazing and supportive, and you learn so much. I know that I’m disappointed to say goodbye to the team, but I greatly enjoyed my time while I was on it. And so did everybody else.

Samia Parvez, captain of the girls team and the bowler in the fifth frame, said, “Bowling has been so fun this year because I got to meet so many people. It was a great after school activity to have because the environment was really chill and fun. Plus, Coach Joy is the best coach and mentor to have! My friends and I have had a great time and are so happy we decided to do this, this year.”

Sophia Kessler, another member of the team, said, “This is my second year on the team and I’m very happy to have a full female team now. It’s fun to hang out with such inspirational women and compete with them. Everyone is very encouraging and wants the best for each other.”

But for some people, saying goodbye is even harder. Mitchell Dashoff is a senior at Bob Jones, so this was his last year on the team. “I have been on the bowling team for 4 of my 4 high school years,” he said. “It was a very eye opening experience and an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. The memories I made through all 4 years are priceless and ones I will remember for a long time.” We’re all going to miss Mitchell, as well as the other senior Jordan Pennywell. We wish you luck in whatever the future holds for you!

This season has been one to remember. The team did much better than last year, and I know that in the future it will continue to improve. I can’t wait to join next year’s team and meet all the amazing people that are sure to join, whether this is their first year or they are a returning member.