Girls Basketball Tryout Results

Aarkeria Smith-Morris (10) and the girls run an extensive drill throughout tryouts in order to score a spot on the team. Morris has been playing since she was three years old and lives for the sport. “Basketball is my escape. I play basketball because it makes me feel good. It’s my happy place”, said Smith-Morris.

Laiken Justice, Contributor

Bob Jones Girls Basketball team hosted tryouts for their next season on April 6-7. The girls had an amazing season this past year and look forward to welcoming some new teammates. The tryouts were held by Coach Jazmin Powers, the girl’s coach. Powers has been at Bob Jones for three years and has made a lasting impression. Sophomore team member Aarkeria Smith-Morris cherishes the encouragement from her coach and with the new season coming she expects nothing but the best. “For the next season I expect us to win state because we have a really good program and our coach pushes us every day,” said Morris.

The tryouts started with some slow drills to get the girls introduced to what a patriot plays like. The girls worked hard to show off their skills that would catch the coach’s eye. “It’s a challenge, not in a bad way though. It’s always something new and the next drill is always harder than the drill before. You’ll have times where you feel as if you’re at your limit and she pushes you past it,” said sophomore Alana Obinozie. The team works as a family and dominates every court they step onto.

Congratulations to the new Patriots that have made it onto the 2022-2023 Bob Jones Girls Basketball team: 

JV Team

Kennedi Thomas

Kamarria Reeves

Sloan Williams

Morgan Burgess

Anah Halsey

Jurnee Warner

Jazzelle Castillo

Tristyn Ervin

Aaleighya Obianozie 


Varsity Team

Alana Obianozie

Janiyah Bone

Zamyra Goode

Jordyn Fields

Aaliyah Troupe

Aarkeria Smith-Morris

Mackenzie Stephens

Sarah Pierce