Boys’ Basketball Tryout Results

Sean Paul (11) is one of the Varsity Basketball players on the boys team. Paul is excited about the new players that will be joining the team for the new season. “It’s really good that new players are joining the team. I believe that over time we all become a family and with the new players, they will help us grow to be successful.

Jordan McGowen, Contributor

Bob Jones boys basketball held tryouts recently. It’s exciting to see the roster and eventually see new and familiar faces on the court. A lot of hard work will go into upcoming practices.

Coach Tiggs, the head boys’ basketball coach, explained what happens for tryouts and what the team needs to prepare for to make the upcoming season strong. “Right now we are in the middle of tryouts for incoming freshmen. We are trying to find additional people to try out and be a part of the team. We are looking for people with the skill to play the game.” Tiggs went on to talk about what training the team must go through to stay competitive against rival teams. “Weight lifting, getting stronger to have better skills, increasing basketball IQ by watching films and people playing or past games to show what went wrong and where improvement can be made.” Tiggs is already excited about the 2022-23 basketball season.

Christopher Saam (10) was one of the students trying out for the boys’ basketball for the upcoming season. Saam explained how he feels about his performance as well as what he does to practice for basketball to be his best. “I feel confident in my game and I feel that I can help out the team. I know there are areas of improvement in my performance, but I know that over time they can be improved.” Saam talked about what he does to practice for basketball. “I would usually try and play with older students to become better with the sport and go to training weekly to learn new skills and tricks. I also try to get in the gym almost every day or go on the basketball court when I am able to.” Saam as well as many others who were trying out all showed off what skills they could offer to the team for the upcoming season and truly work their hardest for the chance at being in one of the spots for the team.

Here are the rosters:

Our Varsity Boys’ Basketball Team

Zavier Bates

Justin Newby

Malachi Mitchell

Khani Chilufya

Sean Paul

Jabari Salaam

Eric Marrow

Jimmy Pleasant

Justin Pan

Jaylen Rice

Myles Cook

Dylan Willingham

Jamari Green


Our JV Boys’ Basketball Team

Antonio Fontanez

Aaron Young

Chandler Vaughn



Myles Hammonds

Giovanni Spencer

Ethan Mitchell

Bowen Caves

Corban Johnson

Jonah Brooks

Kobe Wilson