What’s New with ESports?


Grace Sanders, Writer

Esports is a successful sport and gaming community here at the Bob. Gamers compete with teams, and several of our teams have won championships. Our Esports team here at BJ is still having tryouts for the fall. If you’re interested, you can see Coach White. 

Our Esports team was recently ranked 3rd in the nation by USA Today, specifically for their many wins in Rocket League. Click HERE to read the article in USA Today.

In addition, one of our amazing gamers, Jabari Saleem, received a college offer from Bethel University! Jabari received this through exceptional skills in Madden.

Now that Esports has an actual class during the school day, the students can practice their gaming skills and work on other aspects of the organization. Produced by our Esports players, The Bobcast is a podcast that fans can listen to on Spotify. The Bobcast covers all things Bob Jones – but mostly gaming. Listen to “Let’s Talk Esports!” by clicking HERE.

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