BJ Wins: No Flight Zone Declared


Aubrey Gibson, Writer

Last week, the Bob Jones Patriots had a close win against the James Clemens Jets. This win broke a recent losing streak against the Jets. 

The Patriots and the Jets played at the Madison City Stadium and had a huge crowd show up in support of both schools. After several years of the JC beating BJ, we got a win with a final score of 26-19. Our students were chanting “no flight zone” and stormed the field afterward.

 “I am glad that we could humble them after four years of nonstop taunting,” student Aubrianna Maxwell said. 

Claire Singley stated, “The win made me very happy for Bob Jones. Winning after years of constant loss feels amazing, especially against our rival. Go BJ!”

One of our starting OL/DL Brandon White #10  stated, “The win feels good because Bob Jones has been on a losing streak for the last five years, but I’m glad we are here to change the culture.” I also asked how he personally dealt with the pressure of such a big game. “Staying away from social media and keeping your mind focused on that night was the best thing for us.” He also stated, “The celebration after the game was pretty fun, but then we started getting ready for the game against Grissom.”

Another football player Branden Walker #85 stated, “I feel good about the win. We came out there and did what we needed to do. A special play for the team was the first time we scored. I knew then we would just keep going and we did.”

This big win ensured several of our players were recognized for their efforts. Following this great win against James Clemens, our starting OB Rayshawn Hardy was nominated for Hunstville Area Player of the Week, 7A Payer of the week and was chosen as this week’s Offensive US Navy Player of the Week. Our LB Jonathan Monroe was chosen as this week’s Defensive US Navy Player of the Week, and Rowan Jones was nominated for 7A Player of the Week and CM Gridiron Defensive Player of the week. Congrats to these guys!

We play Grissom in our Homecoming game on Friday at 7:00 pm at the Madison City Stadium. Be sure to buy your tickets on the S2Pass App.