The Girls of BJ, Making History with Flag Football

The Girls of BJ, Making History with Flag Football

Morgan Walker, Writer

We’re the 7th 7A school to join the flag football community here in Alabama. As of now, the list includes Bob Jones, Lee, Grissom, Huntsville, Sparkman, Columbia, and Jemison. The team consists of all girls in grades 9 to 12. We’ve been introduced to multiple new coaches including Coach Sullivan, the head coach, Coach Julie, Coach Ashley, and Coach Chatmon who is also a new basketball coach.

They have to play two games a night and will stand 7 vs 7 on the field.

With the girls just starting their first practice on the 15th of August, they only get four weeks of practice until their first game. They’ve gotten straight to work. They’ve learned and done so much in a short amount of time. All of the girls have either grown to love the sport or loved it on the spot.

Tionte Jones, who joined the sport a little late, stated “Flag football has been really fun. It’s been a way to stay active, learn, and interact with people. It’s given me something to do that’s out of my comfort zone, yet I’ve enjoyed it so much.” I also asked her what inspired her to join the team. “I grew up with a lot of brothers and watching them play football/flag football grew interest for me and now that I’ve been presented with the opportunity to get to do what my brothers did, I’m going to take it.”

I asked the head coach why she decided to coach here at BJHS. “Well, actually it was Coach White. My tackle football team plays here, and I was asking him questions about the field and he asked me if I knew anyone who played flag football and I said yes, I do! So I got in touch with Mr. Runnion. It’s just the love of coaching that I have for this sport and coaching girls who don’t really get to have that foundation like boys do, especially from a young age. Sometimes when men are coaches they forget that so I felt like I could help shape the next generation of young girls who play flag. I just want to teach them to love and grow in this sport,” said Sullivan.

The Lady Patriots play their first games on the 6th of September at Madison City Stadium, and win or lose, the girls will make history for our school that night.

Below is the schedule for the upcoming flag football events: