BJHS ESports Playoffs


@BjhsEsports on Twitter at the UNA Tournament

Prentiss Miller, Contributor

You should know that our Esports teams are pretty good, and they’re currently in the PlayOffs. 

First off, going extremely strong, the BJ Rocket League team is going 8 – 0, the number one team in the state. Our League of Legends team is currently number two in the state with 7 – 1. Two of our Madden players are #1 and #2 going 8 – 0, and 7 – 1. Our Super Smash team is currently in the top 10 as well.

Coach White expects “at least three” teams going #1 in the state, and it’s understandable why. In addition to their current standing, they also have other recognitions. The Rocket League players alone are insane, with some having Grand Champion Three, a placement that is top 0.1%. BJHS is also dominating the Madden area with there being two players, Corey Robinson is the #1 player at the moment, and Jabari Salaam is #2. 

BJHS has teams for every Esport recognized by the state of Alabama and allowed for high school. This would include Madden, League of Legends, Splatoon 3, Rocket League, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. There are currently 50-60 people on the BJHS Esports team as a whole.

Coach White is working on getting a specific gaming room for Esports. It could be done at best in early February, although it could be until after Spring Break. Mrs. White has also gotten better internet for the current gaming room, which was a hard-fought battle. 

Though this season is winding down with the State Championships on December 14, Coach White also said she has high hopes for this spring season as well. You can watch the team play on Twitch @bjhs_esports, and you can follow them on @BjhsEsports on Twitter.