Life Teen at St. John’s Catholic Church

Life Teen at St. Johns Catholic Church

Sadie Turner, Writer

Life teen, otherwise called youth group, is kicking up at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Life teen is a group of Catholic teenagers that come together and learn about Christ. Life teen is held on Sundays at 6:45-8:45. St. Johns also offers a Wednesday night youth group from 6:45-8:45 as well. It’s a time for teenagers to have fun with friends and challenge their knowledge of their faith.

Activities, games, small group, prayer is what Life teen is all about. There also is food provided for the teens every Sunday night. The purpose of life teen is “to lead teens closer to Christ,” stated Amanda Stremel, the youth group coordinator. Teens act out skits, read bible passages, and hang out with one another while increasing their faith life together. The activities and teachings that are carried out in life teen are,” The teachings of the Catholic Church that the council of the Bishops of United States of America put out.

Life teen is eight quarters long. The Life teen night usually goes like this…fifteen minutes social period including ice breakers. Then, we talk in small groups and then we start the send. The send gathers all teens at the end of the night and review everything they’ve learned.  There are currently ninety-eight kids registered for life teen according to Stremel.

There are also some trips involved in Life teen.  “We have church retreats, concerts at the VBC and other places we go to, and we also have gone to Six Flags every summer for the past few years,” Stremel acknowledged. Life teen at St. Johns is a great way for teens to meet one another in their faith and grow upon their knowledge of their faith journey together.