FCCLA Mixed Bags Fundraiser


Mrs. Wheeler with a few samples of the items FCCLA is selling.

Jasmine Duncan

The BJHS Family Community and Career Leaders of America (FCCLA) are doing a fundraiser to help raise money for their club. FCCLA has partnered with the Mixed Bags organization to sell tote bags, travel sets, iPhone cases, reusable grocery bags, storage sets and even more products at reasonable prices. Mixed Bags also offers eco-friendly products.

These items come in different patterns and colors that everybody will enjoy and they make great Christmas gifts. A catalog and a website are available so anybody that is interested can view the merchandise and even order online.

All FCCLA members are encouraged to sell these items and the more items they sell, the more benefits they will receive. Prizes such as Mixed Bag merchandise, FCCLA merchandise, iTunes gift cards, and even an iPod shuffle will be given away. Their goal is to raise over $8,000 and all proceeds go to FCCLA.  Mrs. Wheeler, the FCCLA sponsor, said “This fundraiser should be much easier to sell than the fundraisers we’ve had in the past.”

FCCLA has previously sold frozen holiday foods for fundraisers and it was successful, but the Mixed Bags fundraiser is going to be an even bigger success because the products are very unique and trendy.   Anybody interested in buying these products can talk to FCCLA members, Mrs. Bone, Mrs. Wheeler, or Mrs. McNeil.