Students Under Pressure


Jasmine Duncan

Do students feel too much pressure to make good grades? Many students would agree that their parents put a lot of pressure on them to make good grades in school, but one man has gone too far.

A recent story on WAFF 48 News is about a man who was arrested for beating his girlfriend’s son over a bad grade. Bruises were found on the boy’s head, torso, and thigh.

Even though most students don’t get abused for making a bad grade they do get stressed out.  Many students take rigorous courses that require them to study much harder than regular classes.

Students stress over standardized tests because these scores determine their eligibility for scholarships or acceptance into colleges.

Stressing over school work and tests can cause students to do even worse.  It gets hard to focus when a person is dealing with a lot of pressure.  If a student can’t concentrate, they won’t be able to do their best in school. Shugunta Everson, a Bob Jones student, said, “I do get stressed at school because sometimes it’s way too much work.”

When teachers pile on assignments, students get overwhelmed sometimes. As teenagers, we sometimes wait until the last minute to do work instead of starting it as soon as we get it or we study the night before the test. Cramming before tests and procrastinating adds more stress.

Before taking a test, people should take a deep breath and relax.  Having good time management will also be very effective when work seems to pile up.