Fun and Easy Way To Earn Money Over the Summer

Kathryn Mellema

Redstone Arsenal provides many programs for the younger generation to gain experience, one of which is called the Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program, or SEAP. SEAP provides a way for students aged seventeen to nineteen to participate in research for their chosen fields under professional scientists and engineers on the arsenal.

“Well, aside from the fact that I got a lot of money ($2k > $0)… I really enjoyed the program. I felt like it was a very good supplement to what I’m currently doing at the university,” said SEAP student and former Bob Jones Patriot Ikenna Ugwuegbulam.

“I wish I had been involved with a program like SEAP in my high school days,” said SEAP mentor and Project Manager of the Viz Lab, Cody Flores. “You learn pretty quick that teamwork is important, good communication can resolve a lot of issues,
and there is a real sense of reward.” He added, “It’s also pretty cool when I could tell people that I have an apprentice – it brought out the Jedi in me.”

Deadline for applications is February 25, 2013. Please visit more information.