Lizards and Spiders and Snakes, Oh My!

Madelyn Wong, Writer

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Of all the electives, clubs, and activities at the Bob, one may have missed a very unique one– the Herpetology club run by Mr. Ames, for example. By definition, herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians, but the nicknamed “Herp Club” goes one step further. Students are able to play with and take care of a range of animals including corn snakes, dwarf frogs, and one rosy-haired tarantula.

“It’s a multi-purpose club,” said Mr. Ames. “We talk about them, ask questions about them, and generally try to learn more about different types of animals.”

“I think Herp Club is a way to actually lower one’s fear of the creatures,” said Alexandra Wiegand, a member of the club. “You interact with the animals on a personal level and you see how friendly they are.”

Mr. Ames hopes that the Herp Club, which has been been active for six years, will continue for years to come. In fact, he has hinted at the possibility of further expanding the range of critters in the club in the future.

“We might have to change the name to the Animal Club,” he joked.

For more information about the Herpetology Club, visit Mr. Ames in room N229.